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Workshop Scent Bag

For this Workshop I have used a free embroidery pattern of Lizzie Kate and you can find the pattern Here.


This workshop is to show you how to learn sewing a fragrance bag and to fill  with Lavender or other potpourri.

For this workshop I have used a free embroidery pattern of Lizzie Kate.
You can find the pattern here;


I didn’t embroidered one of the flowers in the pattern, instead I use a heart brad. Of course you can use buttons, beads or charms if you like.


Embroidery Pattern
Embroidery fabric of your choice with extra 1 inch or 3 cm. seam allowances
Matching embroidery yarns
Piece of matching fabric the same size of your embroidery fabric
Ribbon of 5 inch or 12 cm
Sewing supplies; matching sewing thread, needle, pins and scissors
Potpourri or lavender as filler material

Please read first the description and take a close look at the pictures to understand the explanation.

Working Method;

Embroider the pattern on the embroidery fabric and cut with a seam around 1 inch or 3 cm. Add if you like a heart brad or buttons, beads or charms.

Fold the embroidery fabric, right side up, vertically in half  and place a pin on the open edges. Finger press a fold in the middle of the fabric. See photo.

Get the pin out and fold the fabric open. Insert the pin in the length of the middle fold . See photo.

Take the ribbon and fold it double, the right sides of the ribbon are on the outside.

Lay down the ribbon with the open ends up in the middle of the pin and insert in the width a pin. See photo.

Pull the upper pin gently out and put him again through all layers of the fabric and ribbon. Pull gently the width pin out. See photo.

Take Care!
When the ribbon is longer than the bottom of the embroidery pattern, fold the ribbon double under the tip of the pin. So you can’t sew the ribbon in the bottom seam!

Place the piece of matching fabric for you down, with the right side up.
Place the embroidered fabric with the right side down on the fabric.
See photo.

Pin the two layers together. Leave a opening about 1 ½ inch or 4 cm on the bottom for turning.  Sew with small backstitches a seam around the embroidery pattern. Beginning at the bottom next to the opening with 3 backstitches on each other.
Sew above the ribbon a second row of stitches to strengthen the seam. See photo.

Important! Don’t forget to remove the pin from the ribbon between the fabrics!

Sew 3 stitches on each other at the last stitch for the opening. Don’t cut the thread. See photo.

Insert the needle through the fabric outwards. Cut neatly the fabric around the seam  up to ¾ inch or 2 cm. The embroidery fabric tends to quickly fray.
Cut small corners out of the 4 corners of the fabric.

Fold the bottom fabric back on the seam to create a neat finish seam later on.

With special Fray Check or fabric adhesive glue a thin layer on the edge of the embroidery fabric above the opening. This prevent fray during filling. See photo.

Turn very carefully the bag right side out.

Take care!  Don’t pull at the ribbon!

Use carefully a thick knitting needle to get neat corners. See photo.

Lay down the embroidery motive on a bath towel and ironing the bag. This keeps the cross stitches on top of the fabric and not ironed flat.

Fill the bag with lavender or potpourri. Convenient help is the use of an small oval (tea) spoon.

Make sure the sewing thread is on the outside. See photo.

Close the opening with the thread on the outside. Use little sewing stitches in the fold of the fabric. See photo.

Sew between the stitches to fix the thread.

And now your fragrance bag is ready!

Wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

                                                     Hetti ;-))

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