vrijdag 15 april 2011

Workshop Chicken/Humbug

This is a new update from the Workshop Embroidered Chicken/Humbug for the English readers.

Workshop Embroidered Easter Chicken

In this workshop you will make a embroidered Easter Chicken.

* A small geometric embroidery pattern, see the photo, or take an Easter pattern that you like.
* Embroidery fabric piece of 10 x 10 cm ( 4 x 4 inches ) 
* Matching embroidery thread.
* 4 small red beads for the comb and beak.
* 2 black beads for the eyes.
* If you like some beads in the embroidery pattern.

The chicken can be made in any format, so if you have a larger embroidery pattern, just take a larger fabric.
Please note that the fabric must be  square!
The chicken in the picture is 8 x8 cm ( about 3 x 3 inches )

Please read first the instructions and look good at the pictures to understand this method.

Embroider the pattern on both pieces of fabric and embroider with embroidery floss an edge of backstitches around the pattern, so that around 1 cm (0.5 inch) seam remains.

Fold the seams inside and put the two pieces of fabric with the back sides together. If necessary put a pin in the pieces to hold the pieces neatly together.
So now you look at the good sides of the fabric.

Take a embroidery needle with the same color embroidery floss and begin to stitch at a corner;
Take one backstitch from each piece of fabric on your needle and pull the thread through it.

Sew like this to almost the end of the fabric and add 3 red beads for the comb. See picture 4.
Make the last stitch a double stitch for strength and let the tail.

On the pictures of the workshop you can see I have used cross stitches as a backstitch. If you want to use this method instead of backstitches, take a half cross stitch of each fabric on your needle and pull the thread.
But backstitches are easier to start.

Sew the two black beads  on the fabric at the height of the eyes.
See the picture below.

Sew the second side and add a red bead as a beak.
See picture below.

Sew the third side together and sew an extra stitch at the corners for reinforcement.
See the picture below.

Fold the chicken open in the width and prevent the center seams align.
See the picture below.

Fold  neatly the seams inside and start to sew from one side to halfway up.
Fill the chicken with fiberfill or a other fill stuff, but you can also use lavender or a potpourri.
Sew the other half to close the chicken. And now your chicken is ready!

                      Have fun and succes in making the Easter Chicken,

                                             Hetti ;-))

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